Lawmakers in several states have passed new legislation that no longer allows insurers to require dental providers to give discounts for services not covered under an insured dental plan. Listed below are the states that have passed this legislation and links to the actual laws.

We encourage policyholders to share this news with their plan members who may obtain services from dental providers in these states. While this new legislation applies only to discounts on non-covered services under insured plans, and does not affect the policyholder's current insured benefit plan(s), members in these states may no longer receive discounts on non-covered services and should discuss any available discounts with their dental provider.

As the legislation continues to progress in other states, please check back for any updates, especially for policyholders with members located in multiple states.

State  Effective Date
 RHODE ISLAND 06/18/2009
 OREGON 03/18/2010
 WASHINGTON 06/10/2010
 IDAHO 07/01/2010
 IOWA 07/01/2010
 KANSAS 07/01/2010
 MISSISSIPPI 07/01/2010 
 SOUTH DAKOTA 07/01/2010
 VIRGINIA 07/01/2010 
 NEBRASKA 07/16/2010
 NORTH CAROLINA 07/21/2010
 ALASKA 09/13/2010
 OKLAHOMA 11/01/2010



 CALIFORNIA 01/01/2011 
 ARKANSAS 03/22/2011 
 NEW MEXICO 04/07/2011 
 TENNESSEE 05/23/2011 
 WYOMING 07/01/2011 
 GEORGIA 07/01/2011 
 MINNESOTA 08/01/2011 
 NORTH DAKOTA 08/01/2011 
 TEXAS 09/01/2011 
 MARYLAND 10/01/2011 
 CONNECTICUT 01/01/2012 
 KENTUCKY 07/11/2012 
 PENNSYLVANIA 12/24/2012 
 ILLINOIS 01/01/2013
 MONTANA 07/01/2013 
 MISSOURI 08/28/2013 
 WISCONSIN 01/01/2014