The value of your Unum benefits

Dental insurance is just as important to a lifetime of good health as your medical plan. That’s why Unum makes dental benefits available to you. When you decide to elect dental and vision benefits, you pay less out-of-pocket for exams and preventive care that keep your family healthy - and you’re less likely to need more serious and costly procedures later on.

Take a moment and feel good about your decision. 

National Average Cost Without Dental Coverage:
(source: costhelperhealth.com)

Cleaning $127
Exam $100
X-rays $60
Patient out-of-pocket $287

National Average Cost Without Vision Coverage:
(source: universityhealthplans.com)

Eye Exam $152
Single Lens $84
Frames $194
Patient out-of-pocket $430

Know your needs. Understand your plan. Use your benefits.