Bright Smiles, Bright Future

Wake County Public School System employees put students first in order to provide them with the education they need for a brighter future.

WCPSS has the same strong commitment to a bright future for its employees and their families. That's why dental coverage is available to you as part of your benefits package, to help ensure a lifetime of oral and overall good health.

Achieving and maintaining a bright and healthy smile can be expensive. Taking advantage of your WCPSS benefits can help offset these expenses. The ability to receive regular exams and preventive care, and spot any issues when they are easier to treat, means you're far less likely to need more serious and costly procedures later on. And while your plan lets you seek care from any dentist you wish, you will usually save even more by using the services of an Ameritas network provider.

Don't leave preventive money on the table:


National Average Cost Without Dental Coverage:

2 Cleanings $254
2 Exam $200
2 sets of bitewing X-rays $120
Patient cost out-of-pocket $574


Compared to Your WCPSS Dental Benefits,
Using the Services of an Ameritas Network Provider:

2 Cleanings $0
2 Exams $0
2 sets of bitewing X-rays $0
plan member cost out-of-pocket $0

Your plan also includes coverage for Basic (Type 2), Major (Type 3) and Orthodontia. With coverage like this, you can't afford NOT to visit the dentist.

Check Benefits Online
You owe it to yourself to take a closer look at how your WCPSS dental plan works. View the plan highlights and rates using the Quick Links on the right. Once you're covered, you can access your personal certificate of coverage, pretreatment estimates, pending and paid claims, and the status of plan maximums and deductibles via the Secure Member Log-in.