Achieving and maintaining a bright and healthy smile can be expensive. Taking advantage of your Ameritas dental benefits can save you money.

Each plan member is free to visit any provider they choose, including your current dentist, regardless if they are in- or out-of-network. And family members do not have to see the same dentist.

Ameritas Dental Network providers:
Both the Basic and Premium plans provide higher coverage when your dentist is in the Ameritas Dental Network. In addition to higher coverage, your out-of-pocket expenses are generally 25-50 percent lower with network providers and there are no claim forms to complete. Find a dental provider in the Ameritas Classic and Plus network.

You can choose from two dental plans, the Basic option and the Premium option.

  • The Basic option covers 100% of Type 1 preventive services with a network provider. These services are covered at 50% out-of-network.
  • The Premium option offers increasing coverage on Type 1 preventive and Type 2 basic procedures if you see a provider outside of the network. As long as you see the dentist at least once during the benefit year, your coverage increases the following year from 50% to 60%, and then to 70% in the third and subsequent years on the plan.
  • The Premium option includes a higher annual maximum of $1,500 for in-network services.
  • Both plans have a $50 deductible for Type 2 and 3 procedures per calendar year. There is a maximum deductible per family of $150 per calendar year.

Please see your benefits booklet or your human resources department for a full listing of procedures and their covered amounts.

Late Entrant Provision: We strongly encourage you to sign up for coverage when you are initially eligible. If you choose not to sign up during this initial enrollment period, you will become a late entrant. Late entrants will be eligible for only exams, cleanings and fluoride applications for the first 12 months they are covered. After 12 months, you will have access to all of the plan’s benefits.

Pretreatment Estimates:
While we don’t require a pretreatment authorization form for any procedure, we recommend them for any dental work you consider expensive. As a smart consumer, it’s best for you to know your share of the cost up front. Simply ask your dentist to submit the information for a pretreatment estimate to our customer relations department. We’ll inform both you and your dentist of the exact amount your insurance will cover and the amount that you will be responsible for. That way, there won’t be any surprises once the work has been completed.

See how visiting the dentist annually for preventive care can build up your annual maximum benefit to help pay for more expensive dental procedures in the future.

The orthodontia treatment program may begin at any age, but dependent benefits cease when a patient is no longer a dependent, even if a treatment program is underway. Plan payments will begin automatically to the party assigned on the claim form. The payout is made in equal quarterly installments not to exceed two years.

TMJ: Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders, commonly called TMJ, are a group of conditions that cause pain and dysfunction in the jaw joint and the muscles that control jaw movement. If you think you may have TMJ, visit your dentist or physician for a consultation.

Orthodontia and TMJ Plan Summary

Basic Option

  • Plan Benefit: 50% in-network, 25% out-of-network
  • Age Eligibility: Children to age 19
  • Lifetime Maximum (per person): $2,000

Premium Option

  • Plan Benefit: 50% in-network, 30% out-of-network
  • Age Eligibility: Adults and children
  • Lifetime Maximum (per person): $2,000

Get an idea of what an out-of-network general dentist may charge based on zip code and dental procedure. It’s located in your secure member account. View a demo.

After 12 months of using your dental benefits, Ameritas will provide you with a dental health report card. It was developed through the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry and includes feedback on your dental health status and dental care tips specific to you.

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