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People who enjoy excellent vision often wonder whether they really need to schedule an eye exam. But an eye exam is just as much about checking the healthiness of your eyes as it is evaluating how well you can see.

It’s important for the whole family, especially for kids because they don’t know what good vision is supposed to be like. Eye exams also can reveal signs of potential health issues, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

How to Enroll: Complete the enrollment form and give it to your benefits administrator.

Choose any eye doctor. You have the freedom to select any vision provider nationwide. Although, you are welcome to visit any EyeMed network provider and make your benefit allowances go even further.

Any vision provider. You can use your benefits in conjunction with promotions, coupons and special offers from any eye doctor you choose. After your visit, pay the provider, save your receipts and submit a claim. Ameritas will reimburse you for all covered vision expenses up to your plan’s maximum covered expense amounts.

EyeMed provider. EyeMed network providers already offer discounted services and materials, and they will submit your claim for you. EyeMed discounts are shown on your highlight sheet.

For example, through an EyeMed provider, get tinted lenses and scratch resistant, anti reflective or ultra violet coating for just $15 each. Get impact resistant standard polycarbonate lenses for $40.Based on applicable laws, reduced costs may vary by doctor location.

You can access your personalized ID card anytime through our secure member account portal. Once signed in, view your benefits and claims information, too. Even opt to receive your explanation of benefit statements online with our go paperless option.

  • Schedule an appointment with the vision care provider of your choice. Click the link to Vision Claim Form GC325 in the right navigation.
  • Download the form, print and complete Part 1 and take it with you to your appointment.
  • The vision provider may, or may not, require you to pay the bill up front. If you do pay it up front, you will be reimbursed up to your plan’s applicable benefit allowances.
  • Mark 14A/14B to specify whether Ameritas should send the benefit payment directly to you, or your provider.
  • Ask your vision provider to complete Part 2 of the claim form.
  • Submit the claim form, along with a copy of an itemized bill, to Ameritas via mail or fax.

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