Life’s getting louder. Thanks to the cranked-up volume of modern life, hearing loss is becoming a major health problem. It’s striking at younger ages than ever before.

If you have any hearing concerns or questions, it is best to schedule an appointment with a hearing professional so they can address your concerns. Here are some cues that indicate it is time to see a hearing professional.

Is there someone in your life who suffers from hearing loss? Give them, or yourself, the gift of hearing. iHear is a new affordable hearing aid option that’s so small it’s practically invisible. You don’t need to see an audiologist, you can order iHear and test your hearing online. Enter the code AM10 at checkout to receive 10% off and free shipping. Go to ameritas.com/listen and the discount code for 10% off and free shipping is automatically applied.

With SoundCareSM, you can receive a wellness benefit that helps protect and preserve your ability to hear. Plan A+ covers a comprehensive hearing exam and 50% of a hearing aid cost up to the maximum amount listed below. The benefit amount is progressive, increasing over time based on your effective date.


  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Hearing Exam Benefit $75 $75 $75
Materials Benefit for Both Ears $800 $1,200 $1,600
Maintenance Benefit $40 $40 $40

Once you use your hearing aid coverage at any level, you become re-eligible for the benefit, at the $800 per ear benefit maximum, after five years as long as there is no break in coverage. A reduced benefit is available after three years if your hearing suffers deterioration the current aids can’t correct, as long as there is no break in coverage.

Hearing aid maintenance benefit: You are eligible for up to a $40 allowance per benefit period. This benefit is designed to cover maintenance, batteries, service contracts, fittings, ear molds, and repairs.

SoundCare members pay no deductible for hearing exams, hearing aids, or hearing aid maintenance. iHear may be used in conjuction with Soundcare Benefits.

SoundCare is not tied to a network; you can seek services from any doctor at any facility. If you choose to use an EPIC provider you may receive better pricing on hearing devices, and you won’t have to file any claim forms. Your SoundCare benefits are the same whether you opt to use an EPIC provider or not.

1. Call 877-359-8346 to speak to a SoundCare customer service representative. You will be offered the option of working with an EPIC Hearing Health Care counselor.

If you choose to work with EPIC:

2. An EPIC hearing counselor will work with you to locate an alliance provider in your area. EPIC will send you a packet of information.
3. Once you are evaluated by the EPIC provider, the provider will coordinate your care directly with EPIC.
4. EPIC will submit your claims for any services provided including the ordering of hearing devices directly to Ameritas.*
5. You are responsible for paying any remaining balance due directly to the EPIC provider after your SoundCare benefits have been applied. EPIC typically offers substantial cost savings from major hearing device manufacturers.

If you’d rather not work with EPIC:

2. Select a provider of your choice and make an appointment with them directly.
3. Access Ameritas SoundCare hearing claim form in the menu to the right.
4. Take the claim form with you to the provider of your choice. You complete Part 1 of the claim form and your hearing provider completes Part 2.
5. You or your hearing provider sends the claim form to:
Ameritas Life Insurance Corp.
Claims Office
P.O. Box 82520
Lincoln, NE 68501
Fax 402-467-7336

* Insurance benefits for hearing aids are not payable until the expiration of a 45-day trial period. The trial period is required by state mandate unless the member signs a waiver stating they are satisfied with their hearing aids.

While you’re free to use any licensed hearing professional, Ear Professionals International Corporation, or EPIC, is an independent resource that can make finding and receiving hearing care easier. EPIC will help you find an EPIC alliance provider, schedule an exam, receive treatment if needed, submit your claim and more. If assistive devices are needed, EPIC’s purchasing arrangements with major hearing device manufacturers can mean substantial savings for you. Your SoundCare® benefits are the same whether you opt to use an EPIC provider or not. The advantage of seeking services through an EPIC provider is that they may be able to offer better pricing on hearing devices, and you don’t have to file any claim forms.

Ameritas is available Monday-Thursday 8am-1am, and Friday 8am to 7:30pm (ET) 
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