Once a student enrolls on the Aetna enrollment site, Aetna compiles the enrollment and sends the enrollment information to Ameritas. From the time a student enrolls to the time the student's enrollment appears on Ameritas' system is about 3-5 business days. After the student's enrollment is loaded to Ameritas' system, an ID card will generate overnight and will go into the mail to the student. Initial enrollment received did not include the student address, so Ameritas is working with Aetna to receive addresses so ID cards can be mailed ASAP. Even if the student hasn't received their ID card yet, benefits are available for that student and claims can be processed. The ID number shown on the student’s ID card can be used to set up set up online access with Ameritas. We suggest the student wait to set up online access until the ID card is received.

Achieving and maintaining a bright and healthy smile can be expensive. Taking advantage of your Ameritas dental benefits can save you money. Launch a full view of the presentation describing your dental benefit options. 

How to Enroll: Complete the online enrollment process.

Full plan cost for coverage effective 01/01/2018 through 08/14/2018

Students Only $238.20
Students + Spouse $487.20
Student + Children $596.70
Student + Spouse & Children $845.70
Students enrolling in this plan will have coverage effective 01/01/2018 through 08/14/2018. Premium is paid for the entire coverage period, and benefits are available during this period regardless of changes to student status. Enrollment cannot be prorated for a portion of the coverage period.


Each plan member is free to visit any provider they choose, including your current dentist, regardless if they are in- or out-of-network. And family members do not have to see the same dentist. When you visit an in-network dentist your out-of-pocket expenses are generally 20-40 percent lower and there are no claim forms to complete. Find a dental provider.


When you visit an in-network provider, your Type 1 preventive procedures are covered in full. Type 2 basic procedures are covered at 80% and Type 3 major procedures are covered at 50%.

• Type 1 services have a $0 deductible.
• Type 2 & 3 procedures have a $50 per person deductible, with a $150 family maximum deductible.

Maximum Benefits
• Your plan pays an annual maximum benefit of $1,500 per person for Type 1 (if out-of-network), Type 2 and Type 3 services combined.

Claim Allowance

• Your dental plan is a maximum allowable charge, or MAC, plan. The MAC claim allowance is the maximum amount a network provider may charge an Ameritas dental plan member.
• If you select an Ameritas network provider, you receive access to discounted fees and are guaranteed your dental fee will be no greater than the MAC limits of your plan.
• When you visit an out-of-network provider, the claim allowance is considered at the MAC contracted fee in your ZIP code. Any difference between your plan allowance and the dentist’s charge will be an out of pocket expense for you.
• For any procedure, you can ask your dentist’s office to submit a pretreatment estimate so you can see exactly how the proposed service would be processed and avoid any surprises.

Please see the highlight sheet for more information, including a listing of procedures separated by Type 1, 2, and 3.

Get an idea of what an out-of-network general dentist may charge based on zip code and dental procedure. It’s located in your secure member account.

After 12 months of using your dental benefits, Ameritas will provide you with a dental health report card. It was developed through the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry and includes feedback on your dental health status and dental care tips specific to you.

Claims, benefit, and provider network questions:
Monday-Thursday 8a.m.-1a.m.
Friday 8a.m. to 7:30p.m. (ET)

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